A co-op Pong and/or chat app. Work together with other players to keep the ball in play. The more you bounce the ball, the more power-ups appear (not all are good). A maximum of nine paddles is allowed - if the arena is full, come back later (or ask nicely for a paddle).


  • left and right arrow keys move the paddle around the arena
  • you can type a chat message as you play, use enter to send
  • type /addbot in chat to add bot player (see details below)
  • F2 toggles music (not the sounds, though)

Lag and glitches

Firefox doesn't seem to like my game, please use something else, i.e. Chrome.


You can use two chat commands to add and remove bot players:

/addbot [bot class]... 

  • when used without params, adds a bot of random class
  • bot class param is a number denoting a class: 1, 2 or 3 (see class details below)
  • can add multiple bots at once
  • for example, to add one bot of each class use: /addbot 1 2 3


  • removes all bots from the game

Bot classes

1) ZippyBot

  • Zippy wastes no time, he chooses direction, and sticks to it.

2) RandoBot

  • There's no telling when Rando will choose to go left, go right, or stay put.

3) IffyBot

  • Iffy is carefully crafted from hand picked assortment of if statements giving you the latest in artificial intelligence adjacent technology!

Other chat commands


  • if you are currently controlling a paddle, you will lose it
  • allows you to free the paddle so some other player (or bot) can take it


  • if you currently don't have a paddle, this will try to get you one
  • wont work if all the paddles are occupied by human players
  • if the last paddle is occupied by a bot, you'll get the paddle, and the bot will leave


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